This tennis player erupted into a big old sweat cloud

“Get your head in the game” is one of the oldest sports cliches around, but nobody quite intended it to be like this.

Lukasz Kubot was playing in a mixed doubles match with partner Iga Swiatek at the Australian Open quarter finals when a shot whizzed past his head, clipping his ear and sending a gross plume of sweat billowing into the air in a salty cloud of nastiness.

I know tennis players sweat a lot, but I never would have expected this much sweat to be stored in the general head area, waiting to explode in a perspiration pinata. It’s likely the hat played a role here. It’s less about general ear sweat, as much as it is that the sweatband in the hat stored all the moisture and, when struck, released it into the air like kinetic energy from Black Panther’s suit.



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