Dragon Tiger

As stated before, Dragon Tiger is a variant of the classic Baccarat card game. However, with Dragon Tiger, you have a couple of cards dealt in the gameplay. You then have to place your wager and decide which play (i.e. Dragon or Tiger) has the highest possible value.

This is a fast-paced game, and you can begin a fresh round after only 25 seconds. Anyone that fancies Baccarat would indeed find Dragon Tiger to be a delightful, simple alternative.

But while in Baccarat, you play against the dealer’s hand, playing Dragon Tiger pits the Dragon’s hand against the Tiger. Dragon Tiger is similar to Baccarat in the fact that it is a game where cards are compared. In Baccarat, players wager any one of three available outcomes: Banker, Player, or Tie.

Several variants of Baccarat also offer players a chance to place side bets (more on this later). With Dragon Tiger, you can either wager on a couple of side bets (optional) or wager on the highest hand (either Dragon or Tiger). The good thing about Dragon Tiger is that the game can be played by just about anyone.

Dragon Tiger Game Rules

The objective of Dragon Tiger is to predict that side of the game’s table that holds the card with the highest value. Players can also indicate a draw similar to the Tie classic Baccarat.

For each round of the Dragon Tiger game, only a couple of cards are dealt. The options available for players to place their wagers on include;

  • Dragon: This is on the left side of the table with a payment percentage of 96.27% and a payout ratio of 1 to 1.
  • Tiger: This is on the right side of the card table with a payment percentage of 96.27% and a payout ratio of 1 to 1.
  • Tie: The payment percentage of a Tie is 89.64%, while the payout ratio is 11 to 1.
  • Suited Tie: A Suited Tie is a side bet and a type of Tie where the colour of the cards are identical. The payment percentage is 86.02%, while the payout ratio is 50 to 1.

It is interesting to note that a Tie entails that half the wagers on the Dragon or Tiger hands are wholly paid out.

Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming offers a payout of 11 to 1 for a Tie, while the version released by other gaming software developers offer a payout ratio of 8 to 1.

The Suited Tie is a bet where you predict that a Tie will result in the two cards having identical colours—for example, a spade and club or a heart and diamond.

Note that Dragon Tiger is typically played with no jokers and with a total of 6 decks of playing cards.

The value of the cards in Dragon Tiger include the following;

  • The Ace has the lowest available card value of 1.
  • The King is the highest available card value, with all other cards maintaining their face values.

Placing Bets on Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a fast-playing card game with approximately 25 seconds between each round. To place your wager for any round, you need first to click the chip value to determine your wager for the round. Bets range from ₹50 (minimum bet) to ₹1,500,000 (maximum bet). Dragon Tiger offers fast gameplay, so you are advised to be quick-witted when placing bets and playing.

This online card game helps players know the amount of time they have to place their wager by providing the classic traffic light colours of Green, Amber and Red.

  • Green Light indicates that you have lots of time to place your bet.
  • Amber Light tells you that you do not have a lot of time to wager.
  • Red Light means you cannot place a bet for the round. You now have to wait for the start of another round to place your bet.

To quickly place your bets, you can make use of the “Double” or “Repeat Bet” functions. If you unintentionally placed a wager, that is much more than you wanted to make. All you need to do to rectify this mistake is to click the “Undo” function. When you do, the bets you placed by accident will be undone, removed, or deleted.

Versions of the Live Dragon Tiger Card Game

Different top-class live casino gaming studios offer their version of the Live Dragon Tiger game. What differentiates a Dragon Tiger game in one studio from that available in another studio is the presence of distinct trademarks.

The studios offering Live Dragon Tiger are also different in so many other ways. For example, Dragon Tiger may be hosted by attractive live dealers in some studios, while other studios may offer various gaming features and options.

However, of all the studios that offer Live Dragon Tiger, Evolution Gaming is exquisite and comes highly rated. One thing that can be said for most of the studios is that they offer mobile versions of Live Dragon Tiger. Players can play the casino card game on the go using either their iOS or Android mobile devices. It must be mentioned that there are even casinos that readily host Live Dragon Tiger on their respective mobile apps.

You should try playing Live Dragon Tiger by the studios highlighted below for the best playability and gameplay.

Evolution Gaming:

Many of the real-money live dealer casino games out there are all creations of Evolution Gaming. This software and live casino gaming studio offer a vast number of live dealer card games. Indeed, Evolution Gaming is a leader in the industry, and their Live Dragon Tiger is one of the best versions available.

This game comes with a simplistic, user-friendly interface with fast-paced gameplay. Whenever a round comes to an end, there is a special lightning effect that adds glamour to the game.

Live dealers in the Evolution Gaming studio are attractive, cordial, and highly professional. The live dealers are so disciplined in how they conduct themselves before, during, and after each round.

Gaming Features:

The Suited Tie bet is available in Evolution Gaming’s version of Dragon Tiger. The payout of this bet is 50x your wager, and winning the bet can genuinely change your bankroll for the better.

While the Suited Tie offers a fantastic payout, I suggest you try as much as possible to avoid placing this bet because of its pretty high house edge. Also, the probability of you matching up two identical cards is quite slim.

Summary of Bets:

  • Minimum Dragon, Tiger, Tie, or Suited Tie bet: ₹100,
  • Maximum Dragon or Tiger bet : ₹1,500,000,
  • Tie maximum bet: ₹150,000,
  • Suited Tie maximum bet: ₹10,000.

The gameplay of Evolution Gaming is enhanced by the many features and statistics accessible on the game’s user interface. In addition to this, players can look at their betting history to see just how much money they have won or lost over a while.

There is also a feature that allows you to check out what other players have won individually and the total money won by all players. The only function not available in this game will enable you to give the live dealer a tip for a job well done.

Different Camera Modes Available: 

The Evolution Gaming Dragon Tiger game offers you the opportunity to change camera angles during gameplay. There are also multiple interface modes available to suit your specific playability requirements.

For example, you can cover the entire gaming window showing no other game features or functions when live streaming. There is also another mode whereby the user interface covers most of the gaming window. With this mode, you will be able to concentrate on checking out your in-game statistics. Evolution Gaming has not released any new Live Dragon Tiger, as this online casino card game is a variant of Baccarat.


Ezugi offers you their live version of a two-card Baccarat casino game. This card game is also available for playing around the clock. Players will be thrilled by the speed of the game and its lucrative payouts.

This game is streamed live directly from LATAM studio, owned by Ezugi. One of the beauties of this game is that it allows participation from multiple players at any one time. This game is optimised for both desktop and mobile devices.

Though I have personally played the Ezugi’s Live Dragon Tiger game many times, I am yet to be hosted by a female croupier. If you like to play live dealer games with ladies like myself, then you might be disappointed in Ezugi’s version of Dragon Tiger. However, this is not the case with Evolution Gaming’s version, where the female live dealers even use microphones.

Gaming Features:

The Ezugi Live Dragon Tiger game comes with only three betting options: Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. The betting limits for this game are meagre, while both the minimum & maximum wagers for the three betting options are the same. The major reason why the better limits are low is because this game is designed to satisfy the Indian online casino gaming public.

Summary of Bets:

  • Minimum bet: ₹50,
  • Maximum bet: ₹25,000,
  • Tie Bet: Evolution Gaming’s Dragon Tiger offers a payout ratio of 11 to 1 for a Tie bet, while Ezugi’s version offers a payout ratio of 8 to 1.
  • Interface: Ezugi offers a clean, clear, and simplistic user interface. It is easy to keep track of the game’s progress as well as all your bets. But unlike Evolution Gaming, Ezugi does not offer you information on the total wins of other players, which kind of limits your overall gaming experience. However, you can communicate with a live dealer via a live chat feature, and you can even tip a croupier if you want to.

Information on Camera Modes:

The only camera mode available in the Ezugi Live Dragon Tiger version is the full-screen mode. However, you can expect excellent audio-visual quality with live streaming made in high definition (HD). Ezugi offers you a smooth gameplay and gaming experience.

Xpro Gaming:

Xpro Gaming is not as technically renowned as the other two software and live gaming studios highlighted. But this software still offers players an exhilarating gaming experience, especially for Live Dragon Tiger. The studios of this software are located in the Eastern European countries of Bulgaria and Slovakia.

To compensate for the audio-visual quality of their version of Live Dragon Tiger, Xpro Gaming studios feature attractive live dealers that are also very friendly and even playful.

You need to be active in the game, though, as you will be immediately disconnected as soon as the live croupiers notice any sluggishness in your participation. This is done by Xpro Gaming to conserve bandwidth which tells you that they are not as established as Evolution Gaming or Ezugi.

Gaming Features:

The minimum wagers for the Dragon Tiger version on Xpro Gaming are on the high side. Also, you need to convert your wager to US Dollar (USD), which is the only acceptable currency. These are the drawbacks of playing Dragon Tiger on Xpro Gaming.

However, the merits of playing this live dealer game on Xpro Gaming include the variety in betting options. You can place side bets made either on the left or right side of the primary betting section. At the top of the live stream, you will be able to view fantastic betting limits.

Listed below are the different types of bets, their description, and payouts.

  • Small Bet: This is a wager that is won when you bet that the card value will be over 8 and comes with a payout ratio of 1 to 1.
  • Big Bet: This bet is won when your wager is for a card value under 6 and comes with a payout ratio of 1 to 1.
  • Suit Bet: To win, you need to choose the right suit of cards. The payout ratio is 1 to 1.
  • Tie: A Tie is won when you bet that the two cards have identical values. The payout ratio of the Tie bet is 8 to 1.

Summary of Bets:

  • Minimum bet: USD 5,
  • Maximum bet: USD 10,000,

The user interface is good, simple, and self-explanatory. Xpro Gaming has that Ezugi and Evolution Gaming do not offer players a chance to select any five of their favourite and most likeable chips.

Just like in Ezugi’s Live Dragon Tiger version, you can engage in a live chat with a dealer and even tip them if you like. Tipping is excellent if you are satisfied with the service rendered.

Available Camera Modes:

Sadly, Xpro Gaming offers just a single camera mode. I am not thrilled by this, as it severely limits your gameplay. Furthermore, the camera angle seems awkward, making your playing table appear smaller than usual. The single-camera angle also makes the studio appear choked up. The Live Dragon Tiger versions on Ezugi and Evolution Gaming studios offer multiple camera angles and are much better than Xpro Gaming in this regard.

Game Strategies of Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger is a straightforward casino game, so do not expect advanced strategies in this game. However, I would recommend that youcheck out those betting options with the lowest house advantage.

Typically, Tie bets offer a pretty high house advantage (10.36%), while the Dragon and Tiger wagers offer a house advantage of 3.73%, which is the lowest available.

Suited Tie has an extremely high house advantage of 13.98%, and I advise that you try as much as you can to avoid placing this bet along with the Tie bet.

If you are skilled in Martingale strategy, you can apply it to this game since the minimum wager is low and the maximum wager is high. But note that the Martingale strategy comes with its risks, and applying this strategy to Live Dragon Tiger does not exempt you from the risks.


Make sure to place bets on either Dragon or Tiger betting options whenever you play for real money. The house advantage of these bets is meagre at 3.73%. Avoid playing Suited Tie or Tie bets because of their high house advantage.

Of all the three Live Dragon Tiger versions, I recommend that you try out Evolution Gaming’s version. Evolution Gaming offers HD live streaming,  multiple camera angles, highly professional croupiers, and a Suited Tie betting option. Besides, you have a user interface that is friendly and interactive. You can also play from your mobile phone or desktop.



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